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is solar for your home a smart investment?

To estimate if solar would make a smart financial investment it takes a handful of key variables which include location, weather, orientation, slope of your roof, and obstacles that could cause shading as the path of the sun changes based on the season. Green Power Labs has created an online tool called SolarRating which helps you determine if you have a suitable location for solar panels.

What I like about the online tool is the website explains why each variable is important in calculating the feasibility of solar panels. When I talk to interested consumers they typically say, “I have a lot of sun on my roof” and assume solar panels would be a smart investment but sometimes a house may not be suited for solar power. SolarRating OnLine gives your home a color-coded rating and helps you determine if you have a good location for solar panels by asking you questions about your project site. At the end of the process you can buy a custom report for $9.95 which will indicate your “solar score” which should give you a good idea if solar panels are worth pursuing for your home.

what do you think about online tools that help you figure out solar power?

Author: Deep Patel

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