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what options do you want with your inverter?

Inverters are the key part of a solar electric system, they convert DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power. I would call the inverter the brain of the solar electric system because it has a computer processor inside and logs the performance of your inverter. There are some great optional features to help you get more out of your inverter.

  1. data monitoring – I wrote a blog post on web monitoring in the past, most inverters have the capability to connect to the Internet and post performance results to a website you can check anytime.
  2. remote control- the ability to control or program the inverter from a remote location. Inverters can connect to a network through a wireless card or ethernet port.
  3. transfer switch – In a system that has multiple inverters, a transfer switch would increase reliability of a system in case of failure.
  4. series or parallel operation – depending on your system design and the number of inverters you have you may need to wire the inverters together in parallel or series.

Author: Deep Patel

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