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Xcel Energy – $2/watt solar power rebate!

Xcel Energy, a utility based in colorado has paid 31 million dollars in rebates to 1,525 indivduals and companies that purchase grid-tied solar power systems to reduce or eliminate their electric bill. The company claims over 2,300 applications for solar power system rebates have been applied for since the inception of their rebate program. Xcel Energy pays $2 a watt, up to a 10,000 watts (10 kilowatts) of solar panels….this rebate combined with federal tax credits can add up to significant savings for a consumers who purchase a solar power system.

Rebate programs sponsered by the utility companies typically come from a fund that was collected by the rate payers (you), on your electric bill there are taxes you pay to support renewable energy programs, the state force the utility comapanies to use the fund and one way the utility companies use the fund is by offering rebates to consumers who choose to install grid tied solar or wind power systems. These rebates are NOT unlimited, they are continosuly decreasing so if your considering a grid tied solar power or clean energy system, don’t delay!

Author: Deep Patel

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