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The Clean Energy Evolution.

Remember the cost of a computer in the 80s and the time when only the biggest hot shot executives had cell phones? Technology typically start off at a very high price and through economies of sale it is finally taken into the mainstream. Taking a look around you today, it’d be crazy to live without a cell phone or computer.

Well, the same evolution of technology is happening to solar panels and wind power. The cost for the technology is dropping each year and the products are becoming more affordable and being accepted by the general public. 10 years from now solar panels, wind power and clean energy in general will be as common as cell phone and computers.

Solar Panels have been evolving by becomming more efficient, thinner and better looking, there is so much top talent pouring into the clean energy sector today that its being innovation in this industry to a new level.

The clean energy revolution has begun and even big oil can’t stop it now.

Author: Deep Patel

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