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As solar power professionals we receive endless questions about how to use renewable energy for home and business, people are thirsty to learn although there is a drought of quality information. Doug Schiller, Founder & CEO of saw the the critical problem in the industry and decided to bridge the gap between renewable energy experts and the common consumers.

The website features 20 hours a week of expert programing through live chats and internet radio shows. The content not only fresh but its live, people from all over the world are participating and website continues to host some of the brightest minds in the industry!

Renewable Energy Experts can also host their own show to help consumers tackle questions about going green. Energy Experts range from sectors such as bio fuels, wind power, solar energy, sustainable design, solar panel installers and much more.

There is also a social network aspect to the website which helps everyone interested in renewable energy to connect and socialize, I’ve met some great people through the website! The best of all its a free resource to consumers…I participate in the solar chat every Friday from 4pm – 5pm EST (1pm-2pm PST), please join us for an interesting chat about solar panels and wind power. Check out the schedule below, chat with us, add me as a friend, looking forward to interacting with you.

Author: Deep Patel

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