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Will you able to elimate your entire electric bill?

When consumers are considering solar or wind power for their home or small business they typically come in with high expectations of what a system can do for them although when we start to conduct fact finding and uncover how much energy is used, typically the customer is calling because they are an energy hog and think renewable energy will help them magically eliminate their bill. Speaking in realistic terms, most often people will not be able to eliminate their entire electric bill because of the lack of southern facing roof or ground space or their budget is just not large enough to afford the high upfront cost of renewable energy power generation. The avg household in America needs a 5 kilowatt system depending on their location and the peak sun hours they receive, at a price of /watt installed the cost before incentives could rack up to ,000 for a complete installed system. On the other hand and energy efficient home can do well with a 2.5 kilowatt system costing around ,500 before incentives and tax credits. It is cheaper to reduce 1 kWh (kilowatt hour) worth of electricity then it is to produce 1 kWh. So if you are energy efficient off the bat, not only will a solar power system be affordable for you but it will help you achieve the energy dream every solar power shop has in their mind, to eliminate their entire bill. In most cases people who install solar power have systems that reduce their overall usage but do not eliminate their entire bill. When you do the math of an average solar power system produces electricity over a 30 year period at 15 cents per kWh. Taking that into consideration, its most cost effective to just eliminate your most expensive electricity typically the time of use rate or any usage over baseline, which is where the cost of solar power is very competitive.That is the beauty of a grid tied system, is the ability to use the cheap electricity provided by the utility company and offsetting the higher rate charged by the utility company with your solar power...

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The Myth of the Zero Electric Bill

Every consumer who is thinking about solar power always dreams of the day they won’t receive an electric bill from their utility. Once the typical consumer finds out the cost of a solar power system that eliminates their entire bill, they face what we in the industry call, “sticker shock” Well, there are a certain class of consumers in which money isn’t really a problem for, if they have the surface space there is a potential for solar power to supply their entire electrical usage. Even if you have all the money in the world and buy a system that produces more that what you use, if you are grid connected you will always receive an electric bill from your utility company. Your utility charges you a monthly fee just to have their outdated meter calculating your usage and what you send back into the gird. The typical meter access fee is around a month, but the fee depends on your utility company. So if your thinking about a grid connected solar power system, but and your assuming you’ll never see an electric bill, think...

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