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Solar Panels breakthrough or exaggerated claim?

One reason why solar panels are confusing to install is because they put out DC power…that’s why you need an inverter which converts DC into AC power, which is the type of electricity our appliances and devices use. Typically there are losses in energy when converting DC to AC. EOS Renewable Energy Technologies claims that they have developed a breakthrough photovoltaic extraction method called XPX technology that can change the way solar electric systems work. According to the company with XPX technology a solar panel can be developed with an integrated printed circuit board (PCB) device which can not only harvest unstable energy but output the electricity in AC, thus eliminating the need for inverters. A solar panel that you could potentially connect right into grid. The company says XPX technology will allow a solar electric system to produce 10-20% more kWh. Pretty bold claim this company is making, don’t you agree? Directly connecting solar panels to the grid, you would eliminate the DC to AC conversion loss and would reduce the final cost of a system because the solar electric system would be inverterless. Do you think solar panels of the future will produce AC...

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