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It’s not all about the wind generator, think about the pole!

You don’t want to put a solar panels in the shade, just like you don’t want to put a wind generator on a short pole. Wind Generators perform better the higher they are up in the air, therefore a taller pole the more you electricity you will produce. A taller pole may lead to a faster return because you can catch more wind but it also leads to a higher upfront cost for the pole. According to wind power experts in a Homepower magazine article, “How Tall is Too Tall” a wind turbine’s blades should at least be 30 feet above the tallest object within a 500 feet radius of the wind power system. The pole and the wind generator itself must be sat securely because this can make a huge difference in making or breaking your return on investment. A wind power system with a weak foundation in a high wind area will not outperform a wind power system in an area with medium wind speeds with a solid foundation. A taller pole can raise maintenance costs and may cause issues acquiring building permits if your home or business is close to other structures. Also if you have neighbors near by, they maybe worried about the aesthetics if the pole / tower is too...

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