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Wind Resource Maps & Tools

I noticed many people are using the search function on our homepage searching for “wind maps” Since we’re offering you wind generators, I suppose we can also provide you with a resource maps so you can make an educated decision. The U.S. Department of Energy has released wind maps that are very useful when determining if wind power would be a good investment for your geographical location. Below is a Link to the wind resource map:US Department of Energy US Wind Resource Map If your more of a technical person or what real conditions data, we have listed a new product to help you estimate the wind speed in your area to see if wind power makes sense. The Kestrel 1000 Pocket Wind Speed Meter is a perfect companion if your looking for an affordable method to analyze the wind speed in your area or proposed project...

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Earth Day Santa Monica Green Apple Festival

I decided to make it out to Santa Monica in celebration for earth day today for the Green Apple Festival. Over 5,000 people showed up for the event focused on making lifestyle changes to help the environment. I assumed that there wasn’t going to be much renewable energy representation although I was quite surprised about the overwhelming interest in Solar and Wind Power. When I first approached the Santa Monica Pier where the concert for the earth was being held, there was a booth of aggressive promoters of renewable energy for Los Angeles County, they were very passionate about getting people to sign a petition to increase funding to create more research and development projects for renewable energy. It was quite surprising how many people didn’t even bother to sign the petition which I found very interesting since gas prices are climbing close to four dollars a gallon. The vendors at the Green Apple Festival included solar installation companies and alternative fuels. The most anticipated artist was Ziggy Marley who promoted change in the way we think about the earth and a promoted of renewable energy. Overall the event was a great platform to raise the awareness of solar and wind...

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