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25% solar cell efficiency, a world’s record.

Last month, I wrote about Suniva a company that recently developed a 20% efficient solar cell. Today, Total Solar Energy, a frequent commentator on our blog pointed out that the New South Wales’ ARC Photovoltaic Centre of Excellence in Australia has the world’s record for most highly efficient solar cell at 25%. Recently, there has been changes in the international standards of how solar cells are measured in terms of a better understanding of atmospheric effects upon the colour content of sunlight. It’s now observed that the blue sunlight spectrum is absorbed strongly, very close to the cell surface on the flip side red sunlight spectrum is weakly absorbed. The cell developed by the ARC Photovoltaic Centre has a special design to trap the red sunlight spectrum more efficiently. First generation solar cells have a theoretical maximum of 29% efficiency according to scientist, solar cell technology is getting close to maxing out the first generation efficiencies. When do you think we will see 50% efficiencies? Solar cell technology is evolving so fast, does anyone know of a solar cell that has an efficiency of over...

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