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on demand solar power

Sunpods is a company based in Northern California that is simplifying the solar panel installation process through “pre-fabrication”. What different from solar power kits that typically come in multiple parts and as assembled at the project site, Sunpods are ready to power on delivery since they come assembled from the manufacturing plant. Once the Sunpod arrives at your location, all you need is a electrician to plug hook up the grid tie inverter to the grid. The “plug n play” design of the Sunpods reduces the needs of site-preparation, engineering and installation. The simple installation process of the Sunpods reduces labor costs and time to commission projects from days to just hours. Sunpods are available in many configurations including ground mounted, roof mounted, battery based, grid tied or even systems made specifically to charge electric vehicles. What do you think about the Sunpod? Will we see more pre-built solar power solutions in the...

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