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Siemens is Still in Solar

If you were to google “siemens solar” right now, you’d probably see a number of damning headlines regarding Siemens’ role in the solar industry.  This last Monday, the 22nd of October, Siemens AG made the announcement that Siemens Solar & Hydro division of Siemens Energy will be discontinuing its solar business.  The news comes only a few years after Siemens acquired Solel, an Israeli solar thermal company. Siemens has modified their focus in renewable energy and intends to center their attention to Wind and Hydro. Many reporters have jumped to conclusions about Siemens recent announcement, proclaiming that Siemens is no longer in the solar business.  Recent headlines imply that the company is no longer doing business in the solar industry.    Siemens will keep on producing products for both commercial and residential solar, just not through Siemens Solar & Hydro division of Siemens Energy. When I spoke with a Siemens representative regarding this matter, I learned that despite the commotion, it’s business as usual for Siemens Low and Medium Voltage Division. Outside of the energy sector, the company will still offer solar thermal and photovoltaics including generators, steam turbines, grid technology, and controls systems (outside of the Energy Sector). Siemens Low and Medium Voltage division will continue to produce Siemens products such as their solar safety switches, solar meter combinations, and siemens microinverters.   Their announcement doesn’t change the Solar PPA program from Siemens Infrastructure and Cities sector, Building Technologies Division....

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