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48 watt SolarSave Photovoltaic Tiles

SolarSave Photovoltaic Tiles by OpenEnergy now come in a 48 watt version available in slate gray, brown and terra-cotta the tiles are designed to integrate into a home’s roof while maintaining the natural look of the roof. These easy to install solar roof tiles give homeowners the ability to harvest the sun’s rays to generate electricity without having to give up the aesthetic value of their existing roof. SolarSave Photovoltaic Tiles are a great example of building integrated photovoltaics, which is a term that means to integrate solar cells into building materials commonly found on buildings today. The 48W version of the SolarSave tiles are offered four feet wide and come with a 25 year warranty. SolarSave can handle a snow load of more than 200 pounds per square foot and wind speeds up to 80 miles per hour. Do you think more people will adapt solar photovoltaic technology to power homes because these tiles are more aesthetically appealing? How big of a role do you think aesthetics plays when consumers are considering adding solar power to their...

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Open Energy’s SolarSave Roofing Tiles

Open Energy Corporation , a company focused on building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) for the residential, commercial and industrial markets showcased a product called the SolarSave Tiles. These tiles have photovoltaic cells embedded within them that create clean energy while maintaining the natural look of your roof. The materials and electric power has a warranty of 25 years and can easily be installed by roofers without any demolition. Unlike traditional solar panels you do not need racking or structural reinforcement for the SolarSave Tiles. The tiles are weather resistant, fire rated, and virtually require no maintenance. There are not that many solar tile products out on the market, although the SolarSave tiles claim to have the highest watts per square foot. Similar to traditional solar panels solar tiles can are scalable, since the product is modular you can grow the system by adding more SolarSave Tiles as your budget increases in the future, the product is easily expandable. The SolarSave Tiles come in black, red and brown colors. What do you think about...

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