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solaredge boosts solar panel efficiency

Can adding a simple electronic device on back of each solar panel really squeeze 25% more power output from your solar panel array? SolarEdge, an Israeli upstart claims that they have developed technology that maximizes power loss associated with wiring and placement of panels can cut a solar array’s output by 20 percent to 30 percent. The SolarEdge is a junction box that can be retro fitted on the back of solar panels, the integrated circuit optimizes the voltage coming from the solar panels. A stable voltage eliminates performance issues associated with power losses when different solar panels with a solar array perform differently. The special junction box works with your grid tie inverter to increase power output when the DC power from your solar panels is being converted to AC power. The “smart junction box” by SolarEdge also includes web monitoring software which allows you to visualize and share your solar electric system’s performance data over the Internet. The company’s first version of the SolarEdge product is made for 3kW residential solar electric systems. The SolarEdge is not available to purchase today, although is being beta tested in the field and should hit the market after conformations of a successful field test. The SolarEdge seems quite similar to a product called SolarMagic by National Semiconductor that I wrote about a few weeks ago. What do you think about the SolarEdge and the flood of “power optimizers” products for solar electric systems being offered...

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