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94% of Americans feel its important to use solar energy.

Wake up members of congress, we’re heading deep into an energy crisis, and Americans are sick of the lack of support for renewable energy, according to SCHOTT Solar Barometer , an independent poll was conducted across all party lines (democrats, republicans and independents). The results clearly favored that American clearly want to develop and use solar energy. The majority of the respondents agreed that the use of Solar Energy is vital to the future of the United States and should be the federal government’s TOP priority. The respondents were asked if they were President, which energy source would they support, and the answers were overwhelmingly favored towards solar and wind power, In fact 20 times more favored than coal. So, why is there such a great disconnect from what the people want and what congress is doing? The renewable energy investment tax credit is expiring at the end of this year and Bush has threated to veto it if the tax credit is extended for renewable energy. With rasing energy prices and our slumping economy, renewable energy not only lowers our energy expenses and helps us become more energy indepedent but it keeps jobs at home, it situmlates our economy here at home. If you reseach how Germany came out of their last recession, it was by investing in their renewable energy program which created jobs and pulled the country out of a recession. Now Germany is the world leader in renewable energy, moving forward this was the best move they could have made due to the power play for energy...

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