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What do women’s bras and solar panels have in common?

Leave it up to the the Japanese to introduce revolutionary products…not only is Japan a leading country in the number of solar panels installed on homes and businesses within its borders. A Japanese company taking Solar Panels to the next level, Lingerie maker Triumph International Japan Ltd. Introduced in Tokyo today a product thats going to sweep across the globe like wildfire…..its called the “Solar Power Bra” What a genius idea! Now a bra can serve more than its boring traditional purpose, this bra is ultra cool because it can charge your iPhone while your wearing it out in the sun. The bra which is “earth and human friendly” cannot be washed due to the sensitive electronics, and is also equipped with pads designed to hold beverages so that the usage of cans and plastic bottles can be reduced, the company said. The problem is, how often do you see girls wearing just a bra walking down the street? From a practical standpoint this product is pretty much useless, although its The real purpose is to bring more attention to the magic of solar energy and what it can for our energy and environmental problems the world is facing...

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