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How can I figure out how many kilowatt hours one panel will produce yearly?

Many consumers out there are confused because they don’t understand how many factors play a role in forecasting yearly kWh production of a solar panel. Using the numbers provided in product specification sheets you can figure out the yearly output of one solar panel using the following equation: PTC Watts (PVUsa Test Conditions Rating) * Inverter Efficiency Percentage * Sun Hours Daily * 30 (days) * 12 (months) = yearly kWh output for one solar panel PTC Watts & Inverter Efficiency Percentage – You can find this number in the specifications sheet, check our shop or the solar panel manufacturers website. Sun Hours Daily – Use the chart below. This is an important equation to know when shopping for solar power because output is what makes or breaks a system financially. Obviously this assumes optimal conditions and does not account for...

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