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Solar Cabana on The Price is Right

We got our 15 seconds of fame on National TV on Earth Day 2010 last month. Our Solar Cabana was given away as a prize on the longest running TV game show in history The Price is Right produced by CBS. check out the video! The unique aspect of the Solar Cabana is it offers an affordable method for homeowners and businesses to get started with solar power without a huge upfront investment typically associated with rooftop solar. Additionally, in many cases the roof is not the best place to install solar panels due to shading, improper orientation or age of roof. The Solar Cabana provides customers a solution to take solar panels “off the roof” while providing an elegant structure that not only holds the solar panels but provides shade and comfort for people. With the Solar Cabana as an alternative option in the marketplace, solar panels don’t have to be “those ugly things on the roof” anymore. The Solar Cabana works by connecting to your electrical service panel, when your building is consuming less energy than being produced by the Solar Cabana, you’re electric meter will spin backwards, thus offsetting your highest cost of electricity you buy from the utility company. Each solar panel on the Solar Cabana has an Enphase Micro-Inverter behind it that converts the DC power generated by the solar panels into clean, grid compliant AC power. The conduit runs alongside one of the four support legs of the Solar Cabana and connects inside the electrical service panel via a 2 pole, 15 amp ganged breaker. The Solar Cabana is compatible with either a 240VAC or 208VAC electric service. Since the Solar Cabana is a grid interactive solar electric system, it doesn’t require batteries to store the energy. What do you think about the Solar Cabana? Would you install one of these in your...

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