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can solar panels be recycled?

The question about how environmentally friendly solar panels really are has been coming up more than often lately. Typically 95% of a silicon crystalline solar panel can be recycled including the frame, silicon materials and copper wiring. I’ve even seen people buying broken solar cells and old solar panels to reuse the silicon materials to make their own solar panel at home. That is a great example of how long lasting solar panels can be, even after 25 to 30 years the materials can still be used to produce some electrical power, obviously the solar cells are not as strong when they are first manufactured, although the old or broken cells can be combined to make a pretty powerful solar panel. So yes, crystalline solar panels not only last long but can be reused and recycled. Manufacturers can take the silicon and reprocess it and old solar cells might be reused in the future. Do you think solar panels will cause an environmental mess? What do you think about recycling old solar panels? Do you think as more solar panels are installed its going to cause an e-waste problem similar to what computers and cell phones are causing...

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