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smarter solar pv combiner boxes

Monitoring a solar array’s performance on a string by string basis was typically only common on utility scale solar panel farms. Although thanks to PV Powered’s IntelliString combiner boxes now most solar arrays on commercial buildings have an affordable and simple method to deploy string monitoring that can become a standard option for commercial solar photovoltaic systems. The IntelliString combiner boxes are offered in 8-string and 16-string versions and has an integrated Obvius DC Solar Current Monitor, which is robust and easy to use. Since central inverters are dependent on a string of solar panels as an input, most installations the combiner box lacks the ability to monitor each string. Typically most solar electric systems that have performance monitoring shows the output of the entire solar array. Without the ability to monitor each string you can only get a broad overview of the performance of your overall solar electric system. People who want to be able to monitor their residential solar electric systems on a string by string basis they’re out of luck until there is an affordable method to deliver more detailed performance data even on the solar electric systems with central inverters. Do you think its important to monitor a solar electric systems performance down to the string...

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PVPowered gird tie inverter enhancements

We visited the PVPowered booth last week at Renewable Energy World 2009 (rew 2009) in Las Vegas, according to the company’s representatives the PVPowered residential grid tie inverters have made some improvements to simplify the installation. PVPowered has included a single knob AC/DC disconnect with a wire raceway. Integrated disconnects is a trend we’re seeing with grid tie inverters, seems like now this is becoming a standard feature on new models from various manufacturers. The picture of the PVP3000 was taken at PVPowered’s booth at rew 2009, PVPowered offers 9 different residential string grid tie inverters in their product family including models ranging from 1.1 kW to 5.2 kW. The company says the benefits of the integrated disconnects eliminates the need for unnecessary conduit which saves money on installation materials and shortens the time to install their grid tie inverter. Check out the specifications sheet below, what do you think about PVPowered residental string grid tie inverters? What do you think their unique features are over SMA, Fronius or...

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