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BioSolar to reduce the cost of solar pv panels

BioSolar, a company that has created a breakthrough technology to reduce the cost per watt for solar panels by replacing traditional petroleum based plastic solar cell components with durable bio-based components which are made up of renewable plant material. What the heck does that mean? If you were to conduct and operation on a solar pv panel, taking it apart layer by layer, you would notice the last layer is called a “backsheet” and is typically made with an oil based products. Biosolar can make the same backsheet using plant materials which reduce the cost of the backsheet up to 50%! Therefore reducing the overall cost per watt of the final cost of the solar pv panel. We’ve seen some interesting innovation in working on bringing more highly efficient panels to the market, but this company is really digging into what makes up a solar panel and starting by reducing costs of traditional materials. This type of innovation needs to continue to happen, pick apart renewable energy products down to each level and figure out how to reduce costs at every level, not just focus on increased efficiency. Customers love solar power but most of them don’t move ahead because of the high upfront investment to eliminate their entire...

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