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small scale wind turbines don’t kill birds

The royal society of protection of birds (RSPB) have recently made a move that should dispel a big myth about small scale wind turbines. Many people think that wind turbines kill birds even though there have been many studies highlighting the fact that cats kill more birds than wind turbines. The RSPB recently installed a Proven Wind Turbine at a visitor center to show their commitment towards renewable energy to curb climate change. According to the RSPB this wind turbine installation is a great example of how wind turbines and wildlife can co-exist, if the wind turbine is properly installed. The Proven Wind Energy System is installed in conjunction with solar panels and both systems can produce enough power to offset the RSPB’s visitor...

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wind power in Antarctica

If you could go anywhere in the world, for most people Antarctica would never be mentioned, unless your a researcher. There are 600 researchers and 2,000 additional people who support life and work on the uncivilized Antarctic continent. Research facilities across Antarctica have plenty of electrical appliances, but how does the limited population get the power they need to energize their lives? Most of the research bases depend on diesel generators to create power. Although the Belgium-based International Polar Foundation research facility is the only base on Antarctica that is carbon-neutral and completely energy independent thanks to Proven Wind Energy system. Proven Energy is a UK-based manufacturer of small scale wind turbines you can put in your backyard but the wind turbine is durable enough to survive the harsh climates of Antarctica. The proven wind turbines will experience average wind speeds of 53mph and gusts of over 200mph, while providing 230V of clean electricity for the research facilities heating, computers, lights and research equipment. According to Proven Energy the electricity generated from the proven wind energy system is expected to be the highest output of any small wind power system in the market. I hope this example gives you an idea of the reliability proven wind energy systems provide, would you consider installing a wind turbine to help power your home or...

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