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Polysilcion prices forecasted to decline in 2009

Do you know what computer chips and photovoltaic solar cells have in common? They are both would not be possible without the amazing element, Silicon. Many of the solar panels on the market currently are made up of Polysilicon, which is an element in high demand in short supply thus keeping the prices of photovoltaic solar panels out of reach of the mainstream population. According to industry reports, Polysilicon supply is going to exceed the demand in 2009, which will have a direct impact on the market prices of solar panels. How much will prices of solar panels drop next year is the question on many consumers minds on the fence of going solar. I think with the increased federal tax credit for residential customers, more state rebate programs coming online, the prices of solar panels predicted to drop, raising electric rates and the volatile stock market will create the perfect environment for a investment in solar power to be more attractive then its ever been in 2009. What do you think? With consumers cutting back on spending will this slow down the exploding solar power...

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