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windows that lower your energy bills

Rainbow Solar, Inc. introduced a semi-transparent “photovoltaic glass window” over the weekend that turns light and heat into electricity. The window of the future is in production and is ready for the US market. The company is working with building developers to integrate the photovoltaic windows into projects in Hollywood and Las Vegas. The transparent photovoltaic-glass window not only produces 80 to 250 watts of power output but can achieve a reduction of heating and cooling costs up to 50%. Windows that produce electricity and help keep temperatures comfortable inside a building will be a standard in building projects moving forward. The RSi PV-Glass Window has proven energy savings greater than 50% in a hot-house test with a skylight, according to a study conducted by the NTUST (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology). Photovoltaic glass window is an example of building integrated photovoltaics, which is a term that means integrating solar cells into traditional building materials such as windows, roofing shingles, sides of walls…etc. Do you think building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) will be the future of solar...

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