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samlex grid tie inverters

Samlex has been widely known for their off-grid inverters, until the company released the Soleil Grid Connected PV Inverter product line. The soleil 2000 grid tie inverter is a 2000 watt inverter that has a built in remote monitoring software, which can be connected to a computer via RS 232 cable, this way the inverter will output system statistics to your computer, so you can always know how much electricity your generating. The grid tie inverter has Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) built in, typical of most grid tie inverters on the market today. MPPT maximizes the energy you can harvest from your solar array. The most interesting aspect of the soleil 2000 is the design is compact and lightweight which makes it one of the most simple and cost effective grid tie inverter on the market today. What do you think about the soleil 2000 grid tie...

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top 4 solar photovoltaic grid tie inverter features

Most grid tie inverters that are included in a solar electric system are over 90% percent efficient and include the following features: Weather Proof Enclosure – most grid tie inverters from Kaco Solar, Fronius, SMA, Xantrex, Enphase Energy and other major manufacturers are designed to be installed outdoors because they have weatherproof enclosures. AC/DC Disconnects – Newer grid tie inverters have built in AC/DC disconnects for safety and could have an over current protection feature. Some people like to add additional disconnects around the inverter to remove the inverter if it needs to be serviced. Ground Fault Protection – The National Electric Code (NEC) requires that roof mounted solar electric systems must be grounded. Most grid tie inverters have built in ground fault protection built into the inverter. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) – tracking the peak power point of a solar panel array is important to maximizing your energy harvest. Solar grid tie inverters on the market today take advantage of MPPT technology. Are there any other features of a solar grid tie inverter that you think is important, that we missed on this...

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Want more power out of your solar array?

Don’t cook your batteries, when your dealing with a off-grid or grid tie solar with battery back up solar electric systems, you need a charge controller to protect the battery from overcharging which causes battery damage. Standard charge controllers can be fairly inexpensive compared to MPPT charge controller, but for the people who want the most power output, the MPPT is worth the extra price. What is is MPPT all about? Well, it stands for maximum power point tracking and what it does is keeps your the solar panels’ voltage and current at a point in which it maximizes the output of the solar array. Follow me? MPPT charge controllers are relatively new technology that first started being used in the late 90s, although today MPPT based controllers have evolved and became more reliable and are generally used in larger systems. If your using solar panels to charge a couple batteries then the benefits of a MPPT charge controller will not outweigh the cost. Although if your using solar panels and batteries for your home or business, well it would make sense to look into a MPPT controller. The picture above shows a Outback MX-60 MPPT charge controller with a LCD screen that shows important charging status. Do you think its worth the extra cost to go with MPPT based...

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