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Mitsubishi solar increases cell efficiency

Mitsubishi Solar announced today that they have broke a world’s record in solar cell efficiency by introducing a multicrystalline silicon solar cell that boasts an efficiency of 18.9% A new world record claims, Mitsubishi Solar. I’m not sure if this is a world’s record in terms of pure efficiencies because we have blogged about a 25% solar cell that was developed in Australia a couple months ago. According to Mitsubishi they were able to achieve the 18.9% efficiency by allowing their new solar cells to absorb infrared rays in sunlight, thus achieving a new milestone with their photovoltaic solar technology. The company will be integrating the higher efficient solar cells into their solar panels product line by 2010. Personally, I don’t think this is a huge gain in efficiency since they improved their technology from 18.6% to 18.9%, its a small gain but in the right direction I suppose. What do you think about Mitsubishi’s new efficiency...

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