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We’ve applied for a grant with Chase but we need your help!  In order to qualify, we need your vote today.  Every vote counts and we really appreciate your support. Here are some directions on how you can help us out: 1. Go to 2. Click LOG IN & SUPPORT 3.  The next page has a search bar. Type in “Go Green Solar” and press SEARCH. Below you will see “, Go Green Solar” 4.  Click “VOTE” 5.  Share it with your friends on facebook and twitter! You can also read the application that we submitted to learn more about us and our business: Tell us about your business; how successful is it and why is it unique? At Go Green Solar, who we are as individuals is intimately connected to who we are as a business. Not only do we live with solar energy, but we also live solar energy. Having spent years cultivating a detailed understanding of green technology, we strongly believe that green energy makes economic sense. By implementing green energy into our communities, we will also improve the air we breathe and reduce the negative impact that fossil fuels have on our planet. We are aware that millions of people around the world do not have access to basic electricity. When green energy becomes mainstream, with economies of scale, it is our belief that renewable energy will be accessible to everyone. All people deserve to have access to reliable, efficient energy. This is what we hope to see, and this is why we are steadfast in our pursuit of a sustainable future for our planet. At Go Green Solar, we understand that a need for change that has been thrust upon our world. We have the foresight to visualize the changes that will occur in the years to come and plan to play an integral role in creating a sustainable world for future generations. What makes Go Green Solar successful is that we are different. Our passion, technical expertise, and commitment to exceptional customer service sets us apart from our competition. Our staff is composed of enthusiastic individuals who understand green energy inside and out. Every team member is dedicated to providing precise information about the products we offer, whether a customer is inquiring about LED lighting, wind turbines, or looking to build their own solar system from scratch. We frequently attend seminars and courses on emerging technologies to expand upon our existing knowledge. Our constant vigilance of the rapid evolution of green energy keeps our competitive edge sharp, allowing us to better serve our clientele. Our customers know that they can trust us...

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