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lumens per watt

When we talk about purchasing apples at grocery store we buy them per pound (lb). In essence, even though solar power is a more complicated purchase than buying apples, purchasing solar panels all boils down to the cost per AC (alternating current) watt installed. The same rule applies when you buy light bulbs, to figure out if your getting a good deal on a light bulb you must calculate the lumens per watt. Efficiency is an important consideration, but it isn’t the aspect you should look into. So what are Lumens? It’s a measurement of light output from a lamp. When a light bulb produces more lumens per watt of energy input, its more efficient. If you’re looking into purchasing a solar power system by switching to high efficiency lighting, such as LED light bulbs the annual cost savings help to decrease the upfront cost of the solar photovoltaic system. What do you think about high efficiency lighting such as LED technology? Would you buy a light bulb that produced more lumens per watt of electricity used? What is your selection criteria when your shopping for light...

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