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Honeywell wind power system for your home

When I was at the Go Green Expo in downtown Los Angeles earlier this year, one of the most interesting products I saw at the expo was the Earthtronics Honeywell Wind turbine. When I visited their booth, they had limited information about the product and just a picture of the unique looking wind turbine. Recently the company released more information about their product including a short video of how it works. The radial design (that looks like a bicycle wheel) of the wind turbine can start generating electricity at 2mph! That opens up the market for small scale wind turbines to the majority of North America with lower average wind speeds. The Honeywell wind turbine is a complete kit, it includes a “smart box”, grid tie inverter, and an interconnection switch to connect the wind turbine to the electrical service panel. The wind power system has the ability to produce up to 2,000 kWh (kilowatt-hours) on an annual basis. The MSRP is $4,500, that’s before the financial incentives given to you by the state and federal governments. This product is designed as a low upfront investment for homeowners, would you put up a small wind turbine to offset your electric...

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