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a net zero home, is it possible?

I got an interesting question from a reader who is interested in purchasing solar panels for their home that I want to share with you because it comes up very often.Question: can I put up enough solar panels on my roof to eliminate my entire bill? I want to be completely “off-grid” is that possible? Answer: While there are many people out there that have offset their electric bills completely using a grid tie solar electric system most people will not reach the dream of “never having to pay an electric bill” because of two major constraints. Wide open roof space pointing true south without and shading is key to generating as most electricity as possible and obviously the budget, getting to net zero will require a high upfront investment. A smarter more affordable approach is not to eliminate your entire bill but find your highest cost of electricity per kWh and focus on eliminating your highest electric expenses. Also you can focus on reduces your electric bill through energy efficiency and lower your bill first, then in the future when you are ready to install solar panels you would need as many to meet your needs, thus reducing your upfront investment and getting closer to the dream of never having to pay an electric bill again. what do you think? how else can you make your home net-zero? do you think it’s possible to have a net-zero...

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top 5 advantages of grid tie solar power

Simple grid tie solar power systems without batteries have their advantages. This post will review the top 5 advantages of connecting your solar panels up directly to the grid without the use of batteries: Economics – Since grid tie solar power systems do not need batteries, this type of system is at least 30% less to install versus a battery based system. Typically simple grid tie systems are 90% to 95% efficient which makes the rate of return more attractive since solar electric systems with batteries are less efficient overall. Lower upfront cost – Batteryless grid connected systems avoid costs for batteries, charge controllers, control panels, and a backup generator, thus reducing the upfront cost of going solar significantly. Grid tie solar panel systems are expandable, meaning you can start a small solar array and build your way up to a larger system that increases your energy independence. Reliable – Maintenance is required with a battery based system and if they are not properly maintained then the life of the battery will rapidly diminish. Simple grid tie systems are more reliable since you don’t have to worry about maintaining a battery back. The downside is if the utility you are connected to goes down, than your grid tie solar electric system will go down as well, simple grid tie systems do not provide backup power. Flexibility – When it comes to designing a grid tie solar electric system it can be designed to your budget and desires of how much utility dependence you want to offset with your grid tie solar electric system. User friendliness – simple grid tie solar power systems get rid of a lot of parts, therefore they are easier to manage. These days many grid tie inverters include remote monitoring software which allows you to view the output, data and health of the overall grid tie solar electric system through your favorite Internet browser. A grid tie solar electric system is much more easier to install and maintain in the long run. Can you think of an advantage of connecting your solar panels directly to the grid without batteries that I have not covered in this...

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