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GreenCore Solar Air Conditioning

The air conditioner is typically the largest load on your monthly electric bill. Traditional Air Conditioners are typically very difficult to power from a solar array. A company called GreenCore Air has released a new product called the gc102000 solar air, which can heat and cool 600 square feet rooms. The GreenCore solar air comes in two models a fixed version and a mobile solar air conditioner. The amazing part of this unit is that it can operate from a 170 watt solar panel. The GreenCore is Air is DC (direct current) the same output as solar panels. Solar Panels put out DC and typically need to be converted to AC to work with house hold appliances, so what makes this product unique is that it runs on DC, therefore there is no conversion / inverter needed from solar panel to the air conditioner. When the sun is not out the unit runs on the battery bank which is integrated within the unit. McDonalds is currently testing one of these units at a restaurant location…..which is a great sign of how much traction this unit has. Finally! Some innovation in solar air conditioning! We’re very excited about this...

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