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the point of grid interconnection

Weather you’re connecting a solar electric system or a wind turbine to the grid you will require a point of interconnection. The NEC (National Electric Code) allows a grid tie inverters to be connected on the load side of your electrical service disconnecting means. Each grid tie inverter must be connected by its own dedicated circuit breaker or fuse. There was a change in the 2008 NEC that allows the sum of the supply breakers to be 120% of the busbar ratings for both commercial and residential solar pv installations. This change in the NEC rules allows small solar pv systems to be interconnected without having to upgrade the service panel. Grid interconnection is quite complex, it’s not as easy as simply wiring your grid tie inverter into the service panel. This information is good to know weather your the person conducting the installation or intend to hire a professional to grid tie your solar electric system, you must make sure your installation is up to NEC...

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South Carolina finally offers Net Metering

South Carolina, lagging behind the rest of the USA finally offers residents the ability to plug their solar panel system right into the grid to take advantage of net-metering. Net-Metering is important for solar power system owners because it allows the owner to receive a credit for energy they send back into the grid. Now solar panel system owners don’t have to store the collected energy in a battery bank, which could be dangerous, costly and annoying because of maintenance required, the grid becomes the battery bank for the solar power system owner. Now that the utility companies in South Carolina are required to offer net-metering this could save residents up to 30% on their monthly electric bills. A good step in the right direction for the state because it allows them to keep the revenues within their state and helps the state achieve its energy independence goals. You can learn more about how you can take advantage of a a grid connected system at S.C. Energy Office...

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