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Solar Power to be competitive with fossil fuels by 2015

Historically the cost of solar panels have been decreasing on a yearly basis, while oil & gas and other fossil fuels prices have been surging. The point in which solar panels will be competitive to fossil fuels is expected to happen by the year 2015 according to a recent report released by supporters of renewable energy. Solar Power could be competitive to fossil fuels today if the US did not subsidize big oil as much as we do, the reason big oil stays competitive is because of the billions of dollars of tax pays money called subsidies are provided to oil companies by select members of congress. Since there are so many companies jumping into the solar power sector and oil is hitting new high, In my professional opinion solar power will be competitive faster then most people are forecasting. IBM and Intel both have stakes in solar power and I feel they are going to adding to the talent flowing into the industry and we’re really going to see this sector grow faster than anyone is expecting it to...

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