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Monitoring Tools for your Solar Power System

Typically after a person or organization installs a solar power system, the first thing they want to do is see how much they are producing in real-time. If the inverter has a digital display, one can take a look at the inverter to see how many kWh (kilowatt hours) were produced. Although what if you want more analytical data about your system’s performance? Fat Spaniel Technologies offers a hardware and software package so you can monitor your system’s performance in real time. The hardware typically connects to the clean energy system, collects data and communicates with your computer system and also Fat Spaniel. With the ability to remotely monitor your system, an installer can check the system performance, diagnose problems, and take corrective actions right over the internet! A clean energy monitoring system can help you reveal trends, take care of issues and open your eyes to cost saving opportunities through the long lifetime of your solar power system. Check out the following solar power systems that have shared their real-time data on the internet: Loma Linda Fire House Warner Brothers Studios Nextek Power Queens Botanical...

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