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evergreen es-a black frame

Evergreen Solar, a U.S. based solar panel manufacturer has recently released a their ES-A Series with a new black anodized frame. The company now offers their String Ribbon solar panels in a black frame for aesthetic purposes compared to a traditional silver frame. Typically solar panels are associated with a chemical intensive manufacturing process, although they claim to have the smallest carbon footprint in the industry manufacturing the solar panels. Which is a plus when a consumer is looking to purchase the most “green” solar panel on the market. The Evergreen ES-A solar panel has a power tolerance of -0 / +5 Watts, that means your guaranteed to receive 5 more watts than nameplate rating of the solar panel. The ES-A with black frame is offered in a 200 watt, 205 watt and 210 watt models. In my opinion Evergreen Solar offers great solar panels for people who are looking for a balance between performance and environmental credentials. What do you think about the black frame? Do you prefer the entire solar panel to be black as well? What are the aesthetic qualities you seek when shopping for solar...

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Evergreen Solar ES-A Panels

Last month Evergreen Solar released its ES-A, a new solar panel line. The new panels offered by Evergreen Solar comes in 200, 205 or 210 watt models. There is a trend in the industry right now, we’re seeing more companies release solar panels that are rated over 200 watts. This means you can use less solar panels in a complete solar power system as the output of solar panels continues to increase. The Evergreen Solar team has not only thought about the output of the solar panels but has equipped the ES-A line with quick clickable connectors, which cuts down the time it takes to connect multiple solar panels together to create a solar array. Clickable connectors can make a big difference in cost savings in large commercial installations. Evergreen Solar Panels are manufactured using a string ribbon technology which reduces the carbon footprint in manufacturing Evergreen Solar panels by 50% compared to any other solar panel on the market. Evergreen Solar holds the title of “most environmentally friendly solar panel” in the market, especially compared to Chinese solar panel manufacturers which have been caught dumping manufacturing waste. Evergreen Solar is a US based company with superior quality which makes their products a hot...

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