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Energy sources and The Grand Paradigm Shift

One of things came to my mind recently is what this renewable energy tipping point we are at is all about. It is about shifting out paradigm, the way we thing about energy. Paradigm shift is absolutely necessary for any serious change in our lifestyle and new ways energy distribution is definitely one of them. Look at old energy distribution to end consumers: it is centralized. Nuclear plants, oil refineries, any other way of collecting energy widely used these days around the world is pretty much centralized. This causes huge loses on transportation. But even worse, it causes greater dependence on providers than it could be with decentralized organization. Solar panels, wind turbines, building-integrated PV panels and other smaller energy sources decentralize the system and makes us less dependent on specific supplier (which is in case of Western world is governments and their agreements with Middle Asian partners). So far in the US rapid growth of clean energy usage is slowed by variety of legislations that are very good for those having a stake in oil and nuclear plants business. And some people even think it is ok. They refuse to shift paradigm. But time will change this. Just how telephones and Internet did. You already can charge your iPod outdoors not having an access to outlet. And our future generation is where iPods are, right? Decentralization means control to more people. Control to more people means less corruption and speculation. Decentralization first came with Internet invention in 1980s and continues to spread. It changes our lifestyle slowly. Don’t worry about this paradigm shift. This is only good for...

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