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prices for LED bulbs dropping like a rock

Your electric bills are raising on the other hand the prices of LED bulbs such as the EarthLED ZetaLux and EvoLux are falling. EarthLED has made bold price reductions to make LED light bulbs make more financial sense for you. The price of the ZetaLux has dropped down $10 dollars, now costs $39.99 and the EvoLux has dropped down $30 dollars to only $49.99 LED light bulbs have an extremely long lifetime, most will last over 10 years since they are solid state technology. A typical LED bulb would break even in two years when you factor in the incandescent bulb replacement cost and energy savings, if your cost for electricity is 10 cents per kWh (kilowatt-hour) I think EarthLED is making some game changing moves to accelerate the adoption of high efficiency light bulbs, this is great news for customers because now you will even break even faster as the price of LED bulbs continue to...

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EvoLux and ZetaLux LED bulbs UL listed

Earthled is the leading direct replacement LED bulb manufacturer, recently the company announced their evolux and zetalux product line has received UL listing. This marks a significant milestone for earthled direct replacement LEDs because the UL mark on the bulbs create an opportunity for even more homes and businesses to switch to LED bulbs. The great aspect of LED bulbs are the consume a fraction of the electricity used by incandescent and CFL bulbs and have a lifetime of over 11 years, thus eliminating light bulb replacement costs. LED are very resilient since they’re shatter proof meaning the lens won’t break when a bulb falls to the ground unlike incandescent and CFL bulbs which will shatter when accidentally dropped. I like earthled bulbs because they are direct replacement meaning you don’t need a new ballast or fixtures to take advantage of earthled technology. What do you think about direct replacement LED...

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