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Barack Obama says he will invest in renewable energy.

Did anyone tune into Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the DNC tonight? Who did’nt notice his speech he talked about energy, specifically he said he would invest 150 billion dollars into solar energy , wind power and renewable energy and within 10 years we would be off our oil addiction in the middle east. The goal of the USA free of foreign oil within 10 years would require massive investment, I just hope we have the budget to invest in renewable energy. We would really need to limit our foregin policy to free up money in reinvest back into renewable energy. Gore recently stated a similar goal just a month ago in a speech, it seems like the democrats are really supporting renewable energy, which is a good sign for all Americans but will they follow up with their promises? What do you think? Democrats do control the congress right now, why haven’t they passed the renewable the renewable energy tax...

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Sunfest 2008 at the Democratic National Convention

The DNC this time around isn’t all about the presidential nominee, its about solar energy too! The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) will host SunFest 2008 this Wednesday from noon to 4pm at Coors Field in Denver. Cutting edge solar energy technology will be on display for the public as well as keynote speeches from celebrities and congress representatives. SEIA President Rhone Resch will give a speech at the DNCC Energy and Climate Change Symposium on Tuesday. I am very happy to see SEIA pushing solar energy forward into the DNC because all these politicians talk about energy policy but have no idea what is going on in the renewable energy market or understand solar technology. I hope to see Obama make an appearance at SunFest and shake some hands with some solar power company representatives and LEARN something about renewable energy. Do you think our elected officials will show up to SunFest? Do you think the event will have a successful...

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