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a Consumer’s Guide to Alternative Energy

Recently, a member, Jeff Cooper sent me a DVD he produced called the future fuels series, a consumer’s guide to alternative energy. Before I watched the DVD I was quite skeptical on the quality of information that was going to be presented, but after I got a chance to view it, I was surprised that the 34 minute program turned out to be an unbiased resource since it covers both the pros and cons of alternative energy resources geared towards the alternative energy consumer. In a nutshell this DVD will: help you say no to foreign oil save money on your energy bills at home and at the pump reduce your overall carbon footprint The program will go over solar power, biodiesel, wind generators, ethanol, hybrid & electric cars. I think the best part of this DVD are the interviews with consumers that have actually integrated renewable energy technologies into their lifestyles. This DVD is perfect for someone who wants to learn more about alternative energy or to teach others about the benefits of green...

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