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SMA launches new educational solar power website

SMA, a leading inverter manufacturer launched a new website today dedicated on providing a free resource for solar power consumers to learn about how a solar power system works and the overall benefits of renewable energy. The biggest barrier for people shopping to buy solar for their home or business is the lack of quality information, SMA has taken a huge step in the right direction to fill the need by creating a website that uses interactive flash animations to explain how all the different pieces of solar power equipment make up an entire system. The website also has a very detailed FAQ and Glossary you can take advantage of….this is a great website solar power shoppers can start their research and decision making process. What do you think? Is it difficult for you as a consumer to find accurate information about solar power? Is it better when the information comes from a reputable solar products...

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How to charge your iPod outdoors or just without an outlet

When you enjoy your time outdoors, handlets and gadgets like iPod, iPhone, Blackberry or any other cell phone or music player may discharge and leave you frustrated. Sure, time alone may be what you need but sometimes it’s music and friend calls. Solar cells technology of today made it possible to charge your iPod, iPhone or any other small portable device using nothing but energy from the Sun. Bags with embedded solar panels can completely charge up your iPod using energy from the Sun in 4 hours. It is available online for just $220. In a year or two we definitely will have solar cells efficient and cheap enough to charge our laptops without even plugging them into outlets. Today we already have them but they are pretty expensive. How cool is...

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A Consumers guide to Solar Power

Reliable information is so critical when you are thinking about buying a solar electric system for your home or business. Solar electric system also known as photovoltaic or PV systems can not only help consumers generate free clean energy but it helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil and cleans up the air. The U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy understands the need for quality information and released a FREE consumer’s guide to solar power called, “Get Your Power from the Sun.” This a well written guide every consumer should review when making a buying decision. We hope this helps you go solar! Click on the handbook below to download: Download: A Consumers Guide: Get Your Power from the...

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