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Buy a quality clean energy system, not a cheap one.

Some consumers are always shopping for the cheapest solar panels or wind powers systems, but its not always the best idea to look for the cheapest deal because when you invest in a renewable energy power generation system you are counting on the system to provide you with electricity for a long time so you want a system that is reliable compared to cheaper. There are many new entrants in the clean energy system space and often these companies produce shoddy products that can cost you more in the long run. Always ask about the warranty and how long the manufacturer of the product has been in business to make sure you’re buying a product with some backing in case something goes wrong. Shop for the best value, because the lowest priced products are not going to save you in the long run. Higher quality and slightly higher priced products often come from reputable manufacturers that have a track record of backing their warranties and lead to less maintenance costs over the life of the system, in the end it boils down to, “you get what you pay...

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Reducing your upfront investment to go solar

Is going solar is costing more than you expected? Don’t give up! There are alternative options you should think about: 1. If you have good credit we can help you finance your solar power system and make the monthly payments competitive to your monthly energy bill 2. Reduce your consumption of energy (eliminating energy waste can reduce the final cost of a system by thousands) For example insulation, CFL or LED light bulbs, energy star appliances….etc 3. Research and consider Solar Hot Water (heating your water with solar has a much lower upfront cost compared to solar PV, and a faster break even point) 4. Don’t shoot to eliminate your entire bill, the great aspect of a solar power system is that they are scalable, you can always start for example by eliminating 25% of your energy bill and then scale the system up on the future, the system can be expanded quite easily. I hope this advice will help you with your solar energy...

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Financing Clean Energy

Going green isn’t cheap; the cost of a renewable energy power generation system is a high ticket purchase. With the average residential solar power system costing about ,000 more financial institutions such as banks and credit unions are offering Solar Power loans to help consumers finance their renewable energy power systems which eliminate upfront costs and offer low monthly payments that are competitive to your existing monthly energy bill. Creative loan packages are being offered to consumers, for example Austin Energy, a community-owned utility in Austin, Texas, offers low-interest, no-fee loans up to $20,000 for the purchase and installation of PV solar systems, payable over 10 years with no prepayment penalties. Interest charged on loans made to purchase renewable energy power generation systems can be also deducted from taxes which makes the though of financing a system even more attractive. The #1 way consumers are purchasing residential solar power generation systems is through a home equity or lines of credit offered by banks, In many cases the loan payment is similar to the amount the consumer will be saving on their utility bill, which results in an immediate positive cash flow. According to Borrego Solar, a leader in installing solar power generation systems, there are a number of ways to finance a commercial solar power system. These include Property secured loans, Capital equipment loans, SAFE-BIDCO energy efficiency loans, Equipment secured loans, 3rd party...

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