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champlain cable for solar pv panels

Your solar electric system’s performance rests upon one of the most simple components in the overall system, the electric wire. Not only does the gauge size of the wire count, but the overall quality of the wire used in your solar panel installation can make your system run smoothly into the future. Champlain Cable a company that traditionally focuses on high performance general wire and cables has entered the solar photovoltaic market by introducing their Exar 150PV and the Exar 180PV UL rated photovoltaic wires. Since your solar electric system will not only generate power for the next 25 years plus, but the wire needs to survive the extreme environmental conditions your solar electric system is subjected to over time. Most wires on standard photovoltaic systems are not designed to outlast the 25 year warranty on your solar panels offered by manufacturers. The Exar 150PV and 180PV stand out because they can handle high amounts of UV radiation, water and steam which can cause a typical wire to fail. According to the company the special PV series wires will last more then ten times longer than the standard THHW (Flame Retardant, Heat Resistent Thermoplasitc) a common wire used in most solar PV...

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