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What is CEC rated and why does it matter?

If you are shopping for solar power or small scale wind turbines in the USA, you have probably heard of a term called “CEC listed”. Why is that term CEC listed so important for renewable energy power generation buyers here in the US? Well the acronym CEC stands for California Energy Commission. When a new renewable energy product hits the market the manufacturer, if planning to sell in the US market applies with the CEC to get their produce listed on the approved products list which are the only products that qualify for local, state, and federal rebates. So if you are shopping for solar or wind power and want to qualifiy for the federal tax credit and rebates that are availble to you, make sure your products are CEC listed! Its easy to check. Use the links below for an updated list of products that are approved onto the CEC list: Eligible Solar PV PanelsEligible Inverters Eligible Small Wind Turbines Check the list, make sure the items you are shopping for are on the list if you are shopping for solar or wind power in the...

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