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BREAKING NEWS: US Department of Commerce Imposes Tariffs on Chinese Solar

U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) announced their preliminary decision to impose anti-dumping tariffs of 31 percent and higher on Chinese solar manufacturers.  The final decision will be made later in the year. Back in March, the Department of Commerce had issued  2.9% to 4.7% anti-subsidy tariffs on solar imports from China after the World Trade Organization declared that illegal subsidies had been provided to China’s solar industry by the Chinese government. Following a complaint made by SolarWorld and the Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing (CASM) that Chinese companies had “dumped” solar products below fair market value, the DOC began their investigation.  This Thursday, the preliminary ruling was announced, imposing new anti-dumping duties on exported Chinese solar cells, whether or not they are assembled in modules.  These tariffs are added onto the existing anti-subsidy duties Chinese manufacturers have already been paying. Over half of the solar panels in the U.S. market are Chinese.  To remain profitable, the Chinese will have to raise prices to some extent.  Many speculate that the Chinese manufacturers will produce solar cells in Taiwan and Mexico to work around these new tariffs.  Tariffs on non-exporting producers in China are now as high as 250 percent, preventing current Chinese exporters from operating through other companies. Needless to say, this has taken the solar industry by storm. Proponents of these anti-dumping duties argue that they are necessary to ensure that US manufacturers can continue to compete in the global market.  They argue that Chinese pricing was unjust and it was wiping out American manufacturing jobs, citing the highly-publicized bankruptcy of Solyndra. Conversely, the critics of the new anti-dumping tariffs contend that this will impede growth of the solar industry.  They point out that this decision will not only create tension with China, but it will also increase the cost of solar energy, making it less competitive with fossil fuel-based energy sources.  During such a critical point of growth in the solar industry, many are questioning the Department of Commerce’s preliminary decision. What do you think about these new tariffs on Chinese solar panels?...

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Barack Obama says he will invest in renewable energy.

Did anyone tune into Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the DNC tonight? Who did’nt notice his speech he talked about energy, specifically he said he would invest 150 billion dollars into solar energy , wind power and renewable energy and within 10 years we would be off our oil addiction in the middle east. The goal of the USA free of foreign oil within 10 years would require massive investment, I just hope we have the budget to invest in renewable energy. We would really need to limit our foregin policy to free up money in reinvest back into renewable energy. Gore recently stated a similar goal just a month ago in a speech, it seems like the democrats are really supporting renewable energy, which is a good sign for all Americans but will they follow up with their promises? What do you think? Democrats do control the congress right now, why haven’t they passed the renewable the renewable energy tax...

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