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ASES Solar 2008 Expo

We’re at the ASES Solar 2008 Expo in sunny San Diego, California this weekend. This show was interesting because there was a wide range of products on showcase we very well developed companies to startups. Some interesting technologies we saw included solar panels which produced electricity and heated water from the same panel, quicker and easier ways to mount solar panels, standardized systems which make it easier for general contractors and other do it yourselfers install solar power with one days work. The expo also featured concentrated photovoltaic solar panels, it seems like this technology is showing up much more at renewable energy tradeshows and as the product continues to develop it will soon hit the consumer market. The expo hall had a lot of emphasis on solar water heating; there has been a lot of progress in the technology, from newer and better evacuated tube and very interesting looking flat plate collectors. It’s great being at the trade shows because we can really find out what is upcoming in the market and deliver that information to you, so you can make educated decisions about your clean energy...

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