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Apple considers solar power for it’s product line up.

Apple is a master of customer experience and design. The company is amazing because they have created a community of evangelist followers lining up to pay premiums for their products. When I think of Apple, I think of a company of the future, a leader in its domain. Recently the company has filed for a patent for implementing solar cells into their portable devices by integrating the solar cells behind touch sensitive displays. If Apple can pull off using solar cells effectively with small surface areas the concept has gigantic potential of extending battery life for laptops, iPods and iPhones. The most interesting concept within the patent application is the ability use the surface area behind LCD screens to capture the ambient light thats passes through. Apple is just investigating the potential of solar power into their products, although the company is known to innovate. If they can merge their products with solar power, the best outcome would be more of the mainstream public would get comfortable using solar power and then consider going solar for their home or business. Considering solar power, Apple is sticking to its value proposition, “Think...

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