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An affordable small scale wind turbine.

The Air Breeze by Southwest Windpower is a small 17 pound wind turbine for remote and low power applications. The Air Breeze packs a punch with it’s blades designed to operate quieter and only takes wind speeds of 6 MPH to start generating power. The wind generator can produce power anywhere from 6 MPH – 110 MPH wind speeds giving you a wide range of wind speeds to maximize your return on investment. A major improvement over other small scale wind turbines in terms of power output at low wind speeds and ease of operation. The Air Breeze will need a pole, inverter and batteries (if you a planning a stand alone system) for a compete system. At 28MPH the Air Breeze is rated to produce 200 watts, thats quite the power for the small unit. In terms of kWh (kilowatt hours) produced the graph above shows the pure effectiveness at lower wind speeds. Has anyone had experience with small scale wind? have you considered wind power for your home or...

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