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Barack Obama says he will invest in renewable energy.

Did anyone tune into Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the DNC tonight? Who did’nt notice his speech he talked about energy, specifically he said he would invest 150 billion dollars into solar energy , wind power and renewable energy and within 10 years we would be off our oil addiction in the middle east. The goal of the USA free of foreign oil within 10 years would require massive investment, I just hope we have the budget to invest in renewable energy. We would really need to limit our foregin policy to free up money in reinvest back into renewable energy. Gore recently stated a similar goal just a month ago in a speech, it seems like the democrats are really supporting renewable energy, which is a good sign for all Americans but will they follow up with their promises? What do you think? Democrats do control the congress right now, why haven’t they passed the renewable the renewable energy tax...

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Gore: 100% Renewable Energy in 10 Years

Al Gore this week has set an aggressive goal to get the US to produce 100% of its energy from renewable energy within 10 years. In an interview with Tom Brokaw, Gore compared the aggressive renewable energy goal similar to JFK’s race to the moon goal, which people back then did not think was possible. Many renewable energy professionals think the goal is too aggressive because of the political support for renewable energy and the time frame of 10 years which could be impossible to covert a whole nation’s view of energy into a green one. Gore highlights solar energy as one of the sources that can help Americans reach the goal of renewable energy. What do you think? Can we pull it off within 10...

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