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How to make a light source out of plastic bottles.

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How to make a light source out of plastic bottles.

Well over a billion people on our planet don't have access to electricity and this D.I.Y. solar light can brighten homes during the day and replace toxic kerosine lamps.

Watch this video:

4 easy steps to light a room with a solar bottle lamp:

  1. Add a couple teaspoons of bleach to keep the water clean.
  2. Drill a hole in roofing to fit the circumference of the plastic bottle.
  3. Push the bottle up through the hole in the roofing.
  4. Seal the the bottle with polyester resin to prevent a leaking roof.

It's a stunningly simple lighting solution: sunlight passes through the water inside the bottle, refracting light, and brightening the room.

Even though you might not insert a 2-liter bottle into your roof, this might also come in handy if you're want to illuminate the inside of a tree-house.

Check out the infographic below and "share" this page if you think this is cool!

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