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Another DIY Solar Success Story

John and Renee Shean’s DIY Photovoltaic Installation

If you’re at all like John and Renee Shean, you’re probably turned off by the solar companies that want to charge you an arm and a leg for PV installation.  Maybe the lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) models just don’t cut it for you. 

John Shean is one of those people.  John is an electrician who just wanted to work with a knowledgeable supplier that would offer fair price on the materials needed for a complete PV system


Earlier this year, Renee and John Shean had been trying to “go green” over time.  First came dual-pane windows, then a tankless water heater and pellet stove.  Installing a solar system was just part of this natural progression.   Renee explains how she and her husband made the decision to go solar:

“We probably would have done it a lot sooner, but it was just too costly.  Most of the cost was in the installation and since John is an electrician he knew he could install the panels himself.  However, we found it impossible to find anyone that would sell us just the panels, that is until John found Deep at Go Green Soar.  So now we are the proud owners of our own solar system, furthering our quest to ‘Go Green’!”

As an electrician with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW),  John wanted to find a supplier that would get him the right equipment for the job so he got in touch with us at  He explained how he’s an electrician and just wanted to discuss the different options available, purchase the equipment, and install the system with his own hands.  John chose to work with an Ironridge racking solution and Sharp solar panels, which are manufactured in Memphis, Tennessee by IBEW workers.

“John is more focused on the mechanics of it all,” says Renee, “Being able to see the meter running backwards and being able to pull up the system online and monitor each panel and the energy it’s producing, although I think that part is pretty cool too!”

“Oddly enough, my favorite part about our solar system is actually seeing the panels on the roof every time I drive into the driveway.  It makes feel happy knowing I can say to myself, I’m creating my own energy!  I say odd because not too long ago seeing the panels on the roof was considered ‘unsightly.’  I remember my parents were approached in the 70’s to put panels on the roof to heat our pool and they considered it until they found out you would be able to see the panels from the street.  Now it’s just the opposite.” – Renee Shean

John plans to add an another two Sharp 240 Watt solar panels to this array!

John and Renee’s twelve 240 Watt Sharp solar panels are now on their roof in two separate arrays, the kind of flexibility that was possible because they used Enphase M215 microinverters instead of a traditional string inverter.  Enphase microinverters substantially simplify design and installation of a PV system.

Installing an Enphase M215 Microinverter also allows you the option of scaling your PV system in the future.  Working with a microinverter system also means you can use the Enphase Envoy Communications gateway to access a web-based software called Enlighten.   Above is a screenshot of the Enlighten interface, which displays the entire PV system’s performance – all the way down to individual solar panels.

“I would highly recommend Go Green Solar to anyone interested in purchasing a solar system.  Everyone we dealt with was extremely professional and accessible. There are many steps you have to go through, from dealing with the city for permits, to filling out forms for PG&E and rebates. I had many questions along the way and was always able to reach someone who happily took the time to help me with each and every question I had.  Even when I didn’t call with a question they would check in with me throughout the process, just to make sure things were going smoothly. Once our system was complete they followed up to make sure things were working properly. Overall a great company full of very conscientious professional employees.”

– Renee Shean

If you have a strong background in electrical work and prefer to execute the work yourself, John and Renee would tell you that is the place you’ve been looking for.  For help with the installation or just materials with expert technical support, click here for a no obligation quote.

Author: Tom Jackson

I believe clean, renewable energy is key to the evolution of society as a whole. Solar powers our planet, why not harness it to power humanity? Let's power our homes, our work, and our vehicles with solar energy. It begins with raising awareness and encouraging those around us to go green.

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